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Two principles of the jackpot

14 (XIV) the point of the Order is dedicated to the prize fund (and its distribution structure) as well as the rules for the drawing, algorithms for determining winnings and details of the super prize that is rolling from one draw to another. Among other details, it was told about the nuances of jackpot draws.:

14.21. When holding a lottery, the lottery operator can use the following algorithms for determining winnings <…>

The first category of prize pool distribution includes options, determined by the lottery operator:"Jackpot" - two principles of drawing are possible, namely:

  • - principle no. 1 - win tickets, in which on 15 all go 15 numbers of one of the two playing fields of the ticket (top or bottom) coincide with the numbers dropped during the drawing;
  • - principle no. 2 - win tickets, in which on the go, Operator-defined, coincide 15 numbers from 30, located in the two playing fields of the ticket, with the numbers dropped during the drawing.

The principle of drawing "Jackpot" within a particular draw is determined by the lottery operator.

Wherein, not in the order, nor in the lottery rules published on the Stoloto website, nothing is said about the likelihood of one or another way of drawing the jackpot, although this is basic information. For, to make it clear what this is about, let's dwell on this in more detail.

The first draw is a numerical formula 15 of 90. The probability of winning in the given scenario (15 numbers for 15 moves coincide with 15 numbers in one field) is 1:45 795 673 964 460 800 (one on 45,8 quadrillion!). Considering, that there are two playing fields in one ticket, the chance to hit the jackpot is obtained 1:22 897 836 982 230 400. Nearly 23 quadrillion! It's incredible, astronomical chance, which even has nothing to compare. There are no events in our life with such a probability..

Simply put, then the use of principle # 1 is a de facto ban on the drawing of the jackpot, just because, that with such initial data it is impossible.

The more interesting is principle number 2 At first glance, compared to the wording of principle # 1, not much changes, but this is the case when the changes are dramatic. Firstly, instead of the rigidly fixed concept of the 15th move, a range of possible options for the operator is added ("In which on the go, Operator-defined "). And secondly ... changing the base to determine the matching numbers (15 numbers from 30, located in the two playing fields of the ticket) don't just double the odds, it raises them many times over. Just because, what is the expanded rate here - 15 numbers for 15 (or n) moves with marked 30 numbers.

Using principle # 2, the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 chance out 295 232 118 (1:295 232 118)

It is the principle number 2 that has been used for the last year and a half.. During this time, the jackpot was hit four times:

  • circulation no. 1204, from 5 November 2017 — 506 million rubles won by Natalya Vlasova from Panino
  • circulation no. 1206, from 19 November 2017 — 100 million rubles went to a resident of the Stavropol Territory
  • circulation no. 1212, from 1 january 2018 — 250 million rubles received (?) unknown student from Kazan
  • circulation no. 1231, from 13 May 2018 — 209 million rubles went to an unknown resident of Tver.

Previously, for several years (period ended in October-November 2017 and began in 2015? 2014? or in 2012-2013?) the jackpot in the Russian Lotto has never been broken. Just because, that it was impossible - the prohibitive principle number 1 was in effect.

How will the draw go

New Year lottery "Russian Lotto" - special, her rules
different from the usual draw, which took place weekly throughout the year.
The organizers will compete for the prize fund in three rounds, everything in the game will be 88 moves,
which will guarantee the identification of the winner, who will hit the jackpot - 1
billion rubles.

Each ticket has two playing fields from the set numbers, in
there are five of them in one row. The rally begins with, what the presenter takes out of the bag
barrels, all of them 90. In the first round, the game is on, until one of the tickets
all five digits will be crossed out in any one horizontal line. how
only the winner appears, tour ends.

Second round - main. It is in it that the New Year will be played
billion. The winner will be the one, who will have everything crossed out first
15 digits in one of the ticket fields. Probability theory, such lucky ones
maybe several, however, in practice, such coincidences can be
maximum for two or three people.

In the third round, the host will get the remaining barrels - total
there will be 88. The winners must match everything 30 numbers on the ticket, they will
claim one hundred prizes 1 million rubles, as well as other cash
prizes. The organizers promised, that every second ticket will win. General
prize fund - about 3 billion rubles.

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